Spalding NBA Infusion Basketball

Spalding NBA Infusion Basketball
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The Spalding NBA Infusion basketball is always ready to play and is never under-inflated. Spalding's exclusive Micro Pumpô, incorporated into the basketball, allows you to add air to the ball anytime, anywhere. When completed, the Micro Pump is easily put back into the ball and locked into position. The Infusion basketball is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It is made from high-caliber composite material thatfeels like leather, but is softer and more durable. The ball features NBA channels for exceptional grip and control. The Infusion basketball meets all NBA specifications and has a two year, limited warranty.

- 1 minute of activation adds about 1 lb. of air pressure ; - 100% concealed when not in use ; - Perfectly balanced ; - Official NBA Size and Weight ; - Dribbling and rebound are not affected by Micro Pumpô